You Can Try These Tips When You Want To Store Your Rugs

Installing carpet rugs in your home will indeed add its own artistic value to the appearance of the room. However, in some cases such as those of you who like to collect a lot of carpets at home, carpets that are not being used must be maintained carpet care specialists. There are a number of reasons that might underlie you to store your rug in both long and short periods of time. In this case, the way you store it must also be correct, because when it is not used does not mean the risk of the carpet to wear is reduced. It’s because storing the carpet in the wrong way will make the carpet moist, moldy, and other possibilities that certainly make the carpet not as beautiful as before. On the other hand, you may call Carpet Cleaning North Shore when you want to hire experts who can clean your rugs quickly.

For that, enrich your insights about how to store rugs. What needs to be done so that the carpet or rug is still good even if it’s not in use? Check out the following tips:

  • The best way to store carpets is by rolling them up. Avoid folding the carpet to prevent the crease that will make a crack and cannot be restored as before.
  • Roll the carpet with the top inside, as much as possible to roll it firmly to protect the part of the carpet in good condition.
    Wrap the carpet that has been rolled with a cloth before storing it. Avoid using plastic to wrap your rug because it will make it moist and allow mold to grow.
  • Open the rug at least a day in 3-4 weeks to check for possible lice and clean it with a vacuum cleaner regularly to remove the dust.
  • Don’t keep your carpets that can be exposed to direct sunlight, but you also need to avoid the damp places too. Find a cool and dry room to place your carpets/tapestries.
  • Well, that’s how to save carpets like Picasso Rugs and Carpets. Protect your rug well because it is a valuable asset both now and in the future.



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