You Can Feel These Some Things When Your Air Conditioner Is Dirty

The use of an air conditioner or AC is important. You can’t feel comfortable in one place if you don’t use air conditioning. You must feel tired if there is no air conditioner in your room. You can use AC if you need it. However, you also have to pay attention to the AC, make sure your AC is clean enough. You can use an aircon servicing if you need services to clean your air conditioner. Dirty air conditioners can interfere with your health and breathing local service.

However, you need to know that if you stay in a room with AC for too long, you can feel some of this. Here are some things that you can feel if you are too long in the room with AC.

1. You are tired easily
We also have the potential to become easily tired because when we are in an air-conditioned room we don’t breathe fresh natural air. When it’s too long in the room the danger of AC in some people, will feel nauseous, nervous disorders, also accompanied by headaches, even feeling depressed.

2. Out of breath
AC is an electronic device that directly affects your body and breathing health. We need to know that air conditioners contain chemicals such as p-dichlorobenzene and formaldehyde. The chemical content triggers respiratory diseases such as chest tightness or asthma.

3. Decreased immune system
We know that our immune cells will play a very active role when we are in humid air conditions. Immune cells will be more effective at killing viruses and bacteria in humid conditions. But unfortunately, the air conditioner actually makes the air condition dry. This will threaten the body’s natural defense system.

You must pay attention to your health, so you have to clean your air conditioner regularly so that there are no germs and bacteria around you.