Working Environment Temperature Can Affect Employee Performance

Actually, does the temperature in the work environment affect the performance of company employees? Can hot temperatures reduce worker productivity and temperatures that are too cold can also reduce worker productivity, and how to determine the temperature of the workspace that is right in order to increase worker productivity? Physical work environment, what is the physical work environment? Aside from that, check out the recommended aircon servicing if the air conditioner in your office is broken local service.

The physical environment of work is all that exists around employees that can affect themselves in doing their assigned tasks. A conducive physical work environment will provide a sense of security and allow employees to work more optimally. If an employee likes the work environment where he works, then the employee will feel at home in his workplace to do all activities so that work time is used effectively and the work performance of the employee will also increase.

These physical environmental factors include temperature, air, noise and lighting in the workplace. These physical factors will greatly affect the performance of existing employees in the workplace. One of the factors that will be discussed this time is the problem of temperature or temperature of the work environment.

An increase in temperature can result in an increase in work performance, but on the other hand, can also reduce work performance. An increase in temperature at a certain limit can cause a spirit that will stimulate work performance, but after passing a certain threshold this increase in temperature has begun to disrupt body temperature which can lead to disruption of work performance.

Basically, humans have the active ability to adapt to various climatic conditions. For example, we can wear artificial leather clothing/fur jackets to regulate thermal insulation when we feel cold, if we feel hot we can use air conditioning (AC). The most important thing is to condition the workspace so that every worker inside can feel comfortable working without feeling heat or cold.

However, it’d still be the best decision for you to make sure that your employees can work perfectly by providing them the room temperature which is ideal and comfortable, so it will improve their work instead of lowering the quality of their performance.