Why You Need Professional Auto Detailing Services

The service of auto detailing Orlando is the best solution for you who are looking for the best maintenance for your car that could last for a year or two. This method will give you the protection and shine just like a new car. Even though this is the best way of car maintenance, but car owners must at least know the type of dirt that sticks to the body of the car, namely dirt on the surface and inside the surface of the paint so they will know which type of detailing they need. For outside dirt such as dust, bird droppings, tree sap, and mud can be overcome by spraying with high-pressure water. The dirt that is on the surface of paint or varnish usually occurs because the car is often exposed to rain. Rainwater itself has high acid levels, leaving streaks, mold even stubborn stains. There are 5 stages, such as washing, cleaning, scrubbing and coating to protection in the auto detailing process royal 1 mobile detailing.

For the washing, the stage is washing the dirt on the surface of the paint. After that, enter the cleaning process by cleaning up the remaining stubborn dirt with a tool called clay and assisted with a cleaning search. After that, enter the scrubbing process. This process removes all the dirt that settles on the surface of the varnish, glazing is closing the varnish pores and finally the protection that can use wax or coating.

Meanwhile, the protection products on the market are products that can be used by the car owner at home. But according to him, for maximum results, the car must get treatment from experts so that the base of the car paint does not fade. Market products if they are misused can damage the paint layer. That is why you need to use professional service that will understand how to do the detailing process smoothly and with the proper tools.

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