Why People Like Cartoon

It is a common sight to see children sitting in front of a TV watching cartoons. Their eyes were fixed on the TV screen following the story of the film he was watching. If one movie ends they immediately change channels looking for another movie. They faithfully await the continuation of their favorite cartoon film the next day. If you also like to watch a cartoon, you may also like the Simpsons. Why don’t you try to choose simpsonize me? In general, there are reasons why both children and adults like to watch cartoon:

1. Cartoon is fun and not boring to watch


Children basically like to do activities that please him. They are easily bored and look for new activities and explore the world in their ways. Cartoons usually tell about the lives of children, their adventures, the pleasures they experience. Watching cartoons seems to see their own stories and experiences, which are close to their lives that are told in a fun way.

2. The cartoon is cute with striking colors that attract children’s attention

Children love everything that has a striking color. The characters and cartoon characters are drawn in attractive colors, look fun and anesthetize the children to continue watching them. They can laugh out loud watching the behavior of their idol cartoon characters.

3. They can learn many things from cartoons

Children are more comfortable watching Shrek or Mickey Mouse than being told to sit doing their math homework. Because doing homework is not interesting, boring and feeling forced. While watching cartoons is done voluntarily, it’s carried away by the story, learning to understand the emotions of the characters and guessing the end of the story. Teachers or parents try to teach their children by the same method as their parents used to teach their children. But children are now different from the days of their parents. Children are now more critical, more questions, more freedom to choose the things they like. If the method used by parents or teachers is boring, children tend not to follow it and look for their own activities.