What You Should Know About Kefir Drinks

Since hundreds of years ago kefir has been known as a health drink, rich in nutrients, and able to ward off various diseases. Dairy products can also cause a pleasant feeling. Kefir is a drink derived from milk, fermented by a number of microbes, namely lactic acid-producing bacteria, acetic acid-producing bacteria, and yeasts. Drinks of kefir have been known for centuries in the former Soviet Union, especially in the northern Caucasus Mountains. The term “kefir” comes from Turkish, keif which means good feeling or feeling good. Well, because someone will feel good after consuming kefir regularly. To know which kefir grains that are good for your health needs, then you can do the research before deciding the certain product to buy.

At first, kefir made by accident, that is placing milk that has been added kefir seeds in the bag made of sheepskin. The bag is hung on the door of the house, so everyone passing through the door will automatically touch the bag, so it rocks. It turned out to have a stirring effect on milk, thus helping the smooth process of fermentation by microbes.

For decades, the secret of making kefir only known to heredity by the natives of the Caucasus Mountains. New in 1908, for the first time kefir seeds successfully taken out of the Caucasus Mountains to the city of Moscow. From the city that the efficacy and technology of making kefir spread throughout the world. Currently, kefir is widely known in Europe and is traded with various designations, kephir, kiaphur, kefyr, knapon, kepi, and kippe. The popularity of kefir is supported by scientific evidence that it contains probiotics and components that play an important role in health. That is one of the secrets of the longevity of the Caucasian population. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for the best product.