What Did You Know About General Service?

What is general cleaning? Maybe most lay people are still confused and don’t know what general cleaning is. We will discuss this article a little about what is general cleaning, the purpose and what are the benefits? General Cleaning Services or Servicios Generales are comprehensive cleaning services of parts of buildings, whether they are high-rise buildings or homes/residences, new buildings or old buildings or are being occupied. This service includes overall cleaning, namely cleaning floors, windows, glass, furniture, paintings, frames, air conditioning (physical), toilets, walls, wall clocks, sills, doors, trails, window grilles, vertical blinds, fans , floor polish. Usually, floor polish has a separate price. With so many cleaning service companies out there, you don’t need to worry about getting the service that meets your desire.

For home, general cleaning is usually done for reasons of busy homeowners so they do not have time to do a thorough cleaning in their home area. Because their routine work (mopping, sweeping, scrubbing clothes, washing, cooking and taking care of children) has taken up a lot of their time. That reason is what happens to many of our customers. For the quality of hygiene and hygiene of the building/house so that it is generally durable, general cleaning is carried out at least every 6 (six) months. You can choose one of:

– General Cleaning Standard Services
This service is a service using standard/simple tools and chemicals, wherein this service does not include polish service with the machine, polish furniture with chemical, leaning the toilet and the area being cleaned is still affordable with ordinary stairs .. Usually using this service is a one-story residence.

– Premium General Cleaning Service
It is a service where the work uses technology tools or machines such as polisher machines, gondola power and requires special chemicals and areas to be cleaned out of reach.