Watch These Before Maternity Photos!

For approximately nine months of pregnancy, changes in your stomach will appear more clearly. Ah, it’s a pity if this beautiful moment is not immortalized. Therefore, some mothers do maternity photography aka photo pregnancy. After doing a photo maternity will be more complete if you also do a newborn photo session. No need to go far to find a reliable photographer, because you can search for newborn photography near me.

Thrilled with it, you would want the results of your photo maternity good, right? Consider the following to get the best maternity photos!

The Right Time For Maternity Photography
Photos that focus on the abdomen of pregnant women should be done at 7-8 months of gestation. The reason, the stomach already looks big, but not too heavy so Moms can try various poses and undergo a long shooting process.

However, if your fetus is detected twins, you can start doing pregnancy photography in the second trimester. Anyhow, adjust to your condition.

You prefer elegant, natural, casual, or fun theme? Elegant themes can be done in the studio with clothes and makeup that support the theme. For a natural theme, you can take advantage of natural scenery as a beautiful background, but make sure you are still strong traveling.

You who choose a casual theme can call the photographer home and do a photo session. You will feel comfortable in your own place, but make sure the house is neat, yes. If you want a fun theme, prepare the property and funny poses!

The most attempted maternity shoot poses are hands like stroking the stomach or fingers forming the heart in front of an enlarged abdomen. Standing in front of the light source and standing sideways to form the body silhouette of pregnant women is also a lot of work. Not only sideways 90 degrees, 45 degrees can also be.

Leaning against a wall or on a tree may slightly reduce your fatigue from standing up. In addition, you can also sit if according to Moms it is more comfortable. Or, try to lay down on the blanket stretched on the floor and let the photographer take your picture from above.