Various ways and tools of manual coffee maker

Many people who claim to be coffee lovers are now getting crazy about various things about coffee, from how to manufacture to the tools needed to make your own coffee. It’s just that not infrequently from them to get the wrong information so that knowing how to make coffee not according to their needs Before buying manual coffee-making tools it is recommended to learn first how coffee is made. Many people just know that the best coffee is coffee that comes from the coffee machines, whereas the coffee produced from the manuals also provides a delicious flavor not less with the coffee machine made. Some of the best coffee makers can be found at But now manual brewing or manual brewing mode without espresso machine has started many who like and explore.

In general, the method of manual coffee brewing can be categorized into 4 ways, namely how to make coffee by boiling is the easiest we meet with the name of the Turkish coffee because this one coffee does make one between the coffee, water, and sugar powder too in a place called Ibrik and then boiled on hot sand, but many also boil it on the stove. This coffee has a thick character, seized and oily. This one process has been done since the time grandparents were young. Coffee powder poured in a cup directly dividing using hot water. Without a filter coffee powder will be fused together with water and submerged at the bottom. We are more familiar with this way with the name of coffee Tubruk. But another method that also uses this method is the French press. However, this way will leave a bitter taste when the coffee powder is left submerged for more than 5 minutes at the bottom of the glass. In addition to the French press, this method is also adopted by Aeropress and eva solo.

The brewing process of this one requires the existence of another tool as a filter so that the coffee grounds separated with coffee water. using filter paper is a common thing to do. The coffee powder will be placed on filter paper, then hot water will be poured onto it until the coffee powder bounced and seemed to resemble the blooming flowers then the hot water stopped pouring. The coffee will pass through the filter paper and drip into the bottom of the cup. This method is commonly used to serve Vietnamese Drip by providing sweetened condensed milk at the bottom of the cup to accommodate the coffee drops. What is now popular is using pressure in extracting either the coffee is pressed directly or pressed by air.

Basically, the coffee is pressed until it is extracted by spraying pressurized hot water through the coffee powder as the espresso machine works. This method produces coffee with the thick and thick body. Manual tools that use this method are Moka Pot and Syphon. Syphon itself is regarded as a tool for manual coffee makers such as lab tubes, but quite difficult to make it if you do not have experience using it. Now manual coffee makers are increasingly evolving, recently there is brewing coffee by cold brew (coffee brewing with cold water) and nitro coffee (coffee brewing using nitrogen mixture). By knowing how the coffee is brewed, Coffindo Lovers also knows what manual coffee-making tools Coffindo Lovers needs, so Coffindo Lovers will not get it wrong.