Types of Clothing That Can Disturb Your Health

As the trend of dress develops, now more and more types of clothing can be an option to look fashionable. Actually, looking fashionable is okay. However, you also have to be wise in choosing the clothes you wear. The reason is, there are a number of clothes that can actually endanger the health of the wearer. Here are some health tips.

1. Tight jeans

Reporting from the Medical Daily, a 2015 study found that a woman suffered nerve damage after frequent wear of tight jeans (skinny jeans). Because tight pants can inhibit the flow of oxygen-filled blood to the area of ??the foot so that the nerves become disturbed. Even so, circulation problems or blood clots in the body do not merely occur due to the habit of wearing jeans. However, the danger of jeans can increase if you have vascular disease (a disease related to blood vessels) or are prone to vaginal irritation.

Because tight jeans can cause friction in the groin and vaginal area. So do not be surprised if the vagina becomes easily scuffed, itchy, and flushed. In addition, the danger of wearing tight jeans can also haunt men. Because the use of tight jeans or panties certainly inhibits air flow in the vital organ area of ??men. Over time, this can trigger urinary tract infections in men.

2. The wrong bra size

One thing you should not miss when choosing a bra is adjusting the size of the bra that is right for your breast. Because wearing a bra of the wrong size can make your skin irritable and uncomfortable all day long. Bra size that is too tight can suppress the nerves, muscles, and blood vessels around the shoulder, back, upper, and ribs. As a result, this can trigger pain in the area around the breast, even radiating upwards causing headaches.

One sign you have used a bra is the red line or irritation under the breast and the skin area along the bra strap. If you experience it, then immediately replace the bra with a larger and more comfortable cup size.