Tips On Selecting The Best Vapor For Beginners

Electric cigarettes are in demand because of the belief that this type of cigarette can help cigarette addicts to reduce the frequency of tobacco cigarettes consumed every day. Do you always visit when you compare the nicotine level on each e-cigarette? If you choose vapor, you must know many things first.


Although these electric cigarettes have an adverse effect on health, a vapor is getting more and more days coupled with the many variants offered to spoil the vapor’s tongue.

You must consider many things before buying a type of vape to avoid the dangers that arise in the future. If you are still beginners, you can do these following tips.
1. Select the Mod that fits your needs

Mod is a part of a vaporizer in the form of a tube to accommodate batteries and supporting electrical components, there are 2 types of mods commonly used, namely mecha mod, and electric mod. Select the mod that matches the time period. Mod must be compatible with RTA (Rebuildable Tank Automizer) or with RDA (Rebuildable Deck Automizer).

2. Select the appropriate RTA / RDA

For those of you who are painstaking in using this item, it’s better that you use RDA because you have to diligently pour liquid regularly and the advantage of using RDA is that the taste of the liquid will be more pronounced, and the smoke will be even stronger.

3. Learn Ohm Meter

Ohm meter is a measure to determine the voltage and current strength in an electric cigarette. This can affect how strong the voltage is to produce smoke and the taste of the liquid.

4. Try to Mix Flavor

Before deciding what you like, try to buy the basic flavor, from fruit or creamy fruit flavor to you know what it is like to taste on your tongue. For those of you who are still in transition, reduce the frequency of cigarettes, try looking for a liquid with a large amount of nicotine

5. Prepare a Budget

When you already know the type and concoction that you like and match, try to buy according to the budget, and buy the ones already in a package, and don’t pay in installments. Many sellers who call the “package ready to bounce” aim to help vapor beginners to start vaping.