Tips for painting the hard-to-reach spots

Are you typical of people who like to do home improvement tasks with their own hands? If so, maybe there will be some minor obstacles when working on it. Painting the wall is one of the jobs to renovate a house that is easy to get into. Especially when painting parts that are difficult to reach. Fortunately, with a few tricks below, the task of painting you will become easier. Aside from that, you can also call the Painters Brisbane to get your house painted professionally by the experienced painters.

Check out the following tips and tricks:

Paint the Windows Edge

Painting a window frame is often a challenge because of the limited area. Meanwhile, if you want to cover the glass and the wall using a solution, you will certainly spend a long time.

The solution, do not hesitate to paint! Select a small brush that can reach the corner of the frame and start painting.

If there is a paint splash on the window glass, just let it dry to be cleaned with a file or varnish.

Tips: For the best results, immediately remove the paint marks that are less than one day to make it easy to remove.

Painting the Back of the Toilet

The bathroom has more space and space that is narrower than any room at home. No wonder some people have difficulty applying paint in the bathroom.

The solution is, you can use paint roller brushes that have smaller shapes and stalks than other paint rollers. This is the best brush used to paint the walls of the toilet.

Tip: To reach a high area such as a ceiling you can extend the handle of the paint roller using a broom handle or the like.

Painting Ceiling and Wall

There are several high areas in your house that might still be accessible by climbing or folding stairs.

But when you want to paint the upper wall to the ceiling, it will certainly be a challenge.

The easiest way is to connect the paint roller with the elongated handle to reach the ceiling.

Stretch your hands to the maximum extent to make it easier to touch the ceiling. This is a flexible way and you can adjust the length as needed.