This Sport Can Provide Good Health Effects

Golf is a unique sport. Unlike many other sports, who scores the lowest score in golf, he wins. The game of golf must be done in a special field because it cannot be done in all places. Even the grass on the golf course must be treated properly so that the ball can move smoothly. The grass is indeed an important factor so that the ball can move towards the hole. You must know that bangkok golf has an excellent quality golf course with prices according to the quality provided.

Like other sports, golf also has benefits for its players. The following are some of the benefits of golf exercising:

– Healthy heart
Although golf is not a heavy sport, its benefits for heart health cannot be underestimated. Walking up and down the grassy hill, carrying a bag containing 14 golf sticks, and hitting the ball with controlled energy will increase your heart rate and blood flow. When combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, this relaxing exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke, and reduce bad cholesterol in the body.

– Stimulates the brain
Although the label is sports, 90% of golf is a mental exercise. An 18-hole round is basically a marathon for your mind. In golf, you are forced to think of the most effective way to put a ball. Then when the heart rate rises, the blood flow to the brain gets stronger, which in turn can stimulate and enhance nerve cell connections.

– Improve sleep quality
After your activity on the golf course, your body will thank you when it’s time to sleep at night. You will sleep faster and better. Your sleep will also be deeper because of the amount of energy that you have spent before. Quality sleep like this is important for the body to regenerate cells and repair damaged muscles and body tissues.