This is a trick for opening car doors during an emergency

Some car drivers have experienced key cases missing. Of course, this condition is troublesome, especially if the car is in a long distance with a garage or home. There are alternative ways that can be used in an emergency. You are advised to use it also during emergencies and good purposes. How is that? However, before we continue, we recommend you to call the experts of additional info whenever you’ve got a problem with the doors of your car.

To do this trick, you need equipment such as plastic cards or rulers (credit cards, ATM cards, club members, etc.).

The more rigid and the thinner the better the card. Also prepare a plastic rope that is thin, slippery, and not easily broken, for about three meters.

You also have to prepare more patience and accuracy in carrying out each stage.

First, make a few small knots on the rope. Make sure this knot is thin enough not to exceed the actual thickness of the rope.

Then place a plastic card or ruler on the driver’s door rubber to loosen the upper corner behind the glass to form a small gap. Insert the raffia rope into the gap. Look for the loose door so the car glass doesn’t break.

Slide the plastic card and the plastic rope to follow the rubber door so that all the gaps are successfully filled with raffia straps.

Pull the ends of the raffia rope down so that the raffia straps into the inside of the windshield. Insert the rope must be slow so that it fits when pulled does not tie itself.

Slide the raffia so that one of the knots that are made is successfully connected to the door lever firmly.

When the position of the rope pattern to tie the car door lock is right, please pull from both sides in the same way. In order to position the rope pattern to tie the car door lock does not shift.

Pull up the raffia strap that has been linked to the door lever so that the door lock opens. Good luck.