Things You Need to Know About Detox Tea for Diet

On social media, a lot of detox tea ads began to spread for weight loss diets. In the morning, drinking tea for detoxification can produce significant results to reduce weight in a short time. But, before you buy and use detox tea for diet, it’s a good idea to listen to the following important things.

Detox tea is a type of tea that is claimed to be able to cleanse the digestive system intensively to help achieve the desired body shape. Cleansing the digestive system can reduce weight and increase your energy. Tea which is also a caffeinated drink usually contains some natural ingredients without preservatives. The herbal ingredients they contain include ginger, fennel seeds, and lemongrass which can burn fat, regulate blood sugar levels, and help the digestive system.

But, there are some things you must know about detox tea.

1. You still have to exercise and healthy food
If you intend to lose weight, you can’t just drink detox tea. The reason is, tea must also be consumed along with enough mineral water, healthy food, and even regular exercise. Sometimes in this diet tea packaging, you are required to follow some restrictions on food and drinks such as milk or soft drinks. The point is, by drinking this tea you still have to try hard to maintain your diet and body expectations so that the results of weight loss are not in vain.

2. Can make you hard to sleep
Most tea generally contain caffeine. This caffeine stimulant can basically suppress appetite and trigger the digestive system to work harder. But unfortunately, consuming too much caffeine can also risk disrupting your sleep schedule. Not infrequently, your daily schedule and sleep quality can be messed up. As is known, the poor quality of one’s sleep can lead to overeating and slow metabolism. This can actually undermine your dietary business.