Things you must know about a car horsepower upgrade

Before getting a way to increase the horse engine power of the car, we need to know in advance what is Horsepower (HP)! Horsepower or horsepower itself is a term to refer to the power of attraction or the work of a machine when compared to the average power of a horse. The average power of a horse is 33,000 feet per minute or 735 watts. So if your car has 1000 horsepower, then your car has a power of 73,500 watts. Very big isn’t it? Aside from that, you may also interested to check out the Chevrolet Corvette 0-60.

Even though the engine power of your car is quite large, sometimes you and many other car owners want and need a car that is far more powerful. Usually, the desire to have a more powerful car comes up with reasons such as:

Want to increase the speed of a car.

Want to have a car with a stronger pull on an incline or extreme terrain.

Cars often carry heavy items.

And other personal reasons.

Things to Look For Before Raising the Horse Power of the Car Engine.

The car is yours, but raising your car’s horsepower is at risk for you and for others so before you increase the engine power you should pay attention to things like:

Your budget

Do not let you want to increase engine power but the budget is not enough.

The budget itself is divided into 4, namely:

– Low budget (under 5 million), will add 6 to 8 HP.
– medium budget (5 to 10 million), will add 15 to 25 HP.
– Hard budget (10 to 15 million), will add 20 to 30 HP.
– expert budget (above 15 million), will add at least 50% of standard staff.

Needs and Risks

The standard HP of your car is generally sufficient and in accordance with the standard security. So if you want to raise your car’s HP, make sure that it is in accordance with:

– Your ability to master large car pulls.

– A big pull will consume more fuel than usual.