Things to Know Before Asking Your Children Watching Movie at the Cinema

Inviting children to watch movies in theaters can be the right alternative entertainment choices. Counting also changes the atmosphere when filling in the empty time on weekends. However, in reality, there are a number of things that must be considered before taking children to the cinema. Do plan to buy the ticket by considering Harkins ticket prices?

Often these things are not known and ignored by parents, even though it is important to apply. For parents whose children are underage, you should first pay attention to the things below before inviting your child to watch in the cinema.

1. Make sure your child is old enough to watch movies in the cinema

Generally, children aged two or three years are decent enough to watch in theaters. However, it does not necessarily apply to all children. Sometimes, there are still children who are sensitive with loud volume or still very afraid to be in a dark room. So it’s best to make sure first if the child is ready to be invited to the cinema. Not only so that the program to watch a movie together becomes more fun, but also so that the child can enjoy the maximum experience of watching in theaters.

2. Determine the right movie to be watched by children

The rating system in each film is intended to inform the age group of viewers who are allowed to watch the movie because the story or scene in it is not considered appropriate for children to watch. Unfortunately, this is often ignored by many viewers, including parents. Even though not all films that we think are suitable for children are actually worth watching.

3. Enter the cinema only when the movie starts

Still related to the previous point. Usually just before a movie will begin, several other movie ads are shown. Not infrequently these advertisements promote films that are not for children to watch, so it does not rule out the possibility that there will be some scenes that are not worth watching. In addition, children are generally still not able to process the film storyline well and it is difficult to distinguish between the advertisement and the film shown.