Things to Consider When Buying the Bouquet of Flowers

When asked what type of flower you will give as a gift to your loved ones, the first flower that comes to your mind is definitely a rose. This is undeniable because indeed roses have their own charm that is able to be a symbol of the expression that you want to convey to anyone that you will give arreglos florales.

Mawar which is one of the types of plants included in the genus Rosa is indeed often recommended as a bouquet or arrangement as a gift for special days such as birthday flowers, wedding greeting flowers, flowers for applications, hand bouquet for weddings, or decorations for important events others.

Choose flowers with the bottom of the stalk hard and wet

The first thing you can do to find out whether the rose is fresh or not is to touch the bottom of the rose stem. If the stem of the rose is still hard and wet, then the flower is still fresh. However, if when pressed the stalk is soft and produces an unpleasant odor, we can be sure that the flower is picked more than a day ago.

Choose flowers that are still budded

Maybe you wonder why you should choose the bud if someone is blooming? Wouldn’t the growth stop if it was cut? Hm, that’s a wrong assumption. Although it has been picked, the rose will continue the blooming process. For that, choosing flowers that are still buds will help you maintain the beauty of the blooms of roses for longer.

Consider buying the end of time

Bouquet flowers that are given in fresh condition will certainly add to the bright look of the recipient, of course, that is what you feel right? For that, try buying flowers near the time you will give them. That way, the freshness of the flower will still be very good compared to if you buy it a few hours even a day before you give the flower bouquet.