These Four Benefits Of Oil For Your Body Skin

There are many people who know that there are several types of oil that are right if used for the body because it is very good for skin health and beauty. One of the most widely used oils is spiritual oils. The oil is widely used for bathing and various other spiritual activities that are useful for the wearer.

In addition to these oils, there are other types of oils that are also useful for the health of the body. The oil is an olive oil that does have many benefits for one’s body. There are several benefits of using olive oil on the body.

1. Eliminate stretch marks
Biasnaya, stretch marks are there on a woman who just gave birth. This is because of the skin strain at the time pregnant cause scars. Olive oil helps the skin regenerate and brighten up the stretch marks. You can warm olive oil and massage. Do it 3 times in a week and see the results.

2. Prevent premature aging
It is an antioxidant in olive oil. The squalene contained in this olive increases the elasticity of the skin thus preventing skin aging and wrinkles and can make the skin become more luminous. To reduce wrinkles on the eyes, massage olive oil on the skin around your eyes. do not massage hard because it can make your skin become damaged because the skin around the eyes is very soft.

3. A natural moisturizer for dry skin
By using olive oil, you can moisten dry areas such as elbows, and knees. Especially for dry skin, you can use olive oil as a night cream. Apply thinly and leave on for the whole night. Your skin will be soft and supple. Regenerate skin can also occur so that the skin awake softness and feels very smooth.

4. Eradicate free radicals
Olive oil is rich in vegetable fats good for the skin, phenolic antioxidants, vitamin E, and oleic acid. This content is known to be useful to prevent cancer.