These Are Tips You Need To Maintain Your Fur Carpet

In order to maintain the durability and quality of fur-based carpets, you must do daily maintenance to maintain cleanliness. The trick is enough to clean with a vacuum cleaner at least once a week. We recommend that you focus more on the area or part of the fur carpet that is often overlooked by people because usually dirt and dust stick to a lot in that section. However, that does not mean that the hidden part of the carpet is also escaped from dirt. Aside from that, you may also hire carpet care specialists if you can’t clean your carpet on your own.

If the carpet is considered dirty enough, immediately wash the carpet. Before washing, you should hang it on a fence or clothesline. Then, use a special brush or comb that can be used to shed dirt and dust attached. When you want to wash the carpet, you can use a washing machine if the size is not too large. If the size is large, you should wash it manually using the hand. Then, use special shampoos and conditioners for carpets intended to keep the feathers of the carpet soft and smooth. Also, make sure that you don’t use hot water when washing it because it will make the fur carpet damaged.

Avoiding direct sunlight

The next way to maintain the durability of furry carpets is to avoid drying the carpet directly in the sun. Choose a drying location in a place that is not too hot or directly exposed to sunlight. Sunlight can damage the texture and quality of the fur on the carpet. Then, comb the carpet surface so that the feathers do not clot with one another and of course dry immediately.

Using socks when stepping on the carpet

Fur rugs do require extra care and behavior to ensure durability. If you haven’t had time to wash your feet, it’s a good idea not to step on a furry carpet with bare feet. How come? Dirty feet are usually sweaty and oily which can stick to the carpet so that it can bring dust and dirt. Wear socks or slippers when you decide to step on the fur rug. Aside from that, you need to prevent the carpet from being wet as well.

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