These Are Three Things You Can Do To Store Items In A Small House

A small house does cause problems for many people. Many of them cannot store things properly because the size of the house is not large. For this reason, many people finally choose to use self storage hk as their storage. Actually, to rent self storage is not an easy thing because you have to adjust it to your wishes.

However, besides storing it in self-storage, there are a number of things you can do to store items in a small house so that the items can be maintained properly. Some of the things in question are

  1. Integrating Other Furniture Storage

Furniture or sofas can be said to be the main furniture that must exist in every residence. Both of this furniture take up a lot of space. To be effective, furniture such as beds and sofas can also be used to store items. Not only the bottom of the bed, but the back of the furniture such as the headboard of the bed can be designed in such a way as to store smaller items such as rolls of socks, accessories, ties and more.

  1. Designing open storage

Open Storage or open shelves suitable for those of you who have a lot of collectibles. Your collection certainly needs a storage area and even better if your collections can be exhibited. Open storage is suitable for those of you who need an idea of ​how to save while displaying some of your special items. Not only that, but open storage can also look attractive in the kitchen. You can collect your colorful collection of plates and ceramics in the kitchen.

  1. Use the space under the stairs

If you live in a small two-story house, you can optimize the space under your stairs by making it a storage area for goods. The space under the stairs can be designed to be a storage place in the form of a closed cabinet as a small warehouse. You can also turn it into an open shelf. This shelf can be used to store various items that you can show.