These Are Three External Factors Causes of Obesity

Usually, when you find out someone is suffering from obesity, then we will feel that it is caused by the amount of fatty food they consume. In fact, there are usually other external factors that cause obesity. To deal with the problem of obesity, then you can visit Dr. J Maani Bariatric Surgeon Sydney so that it can be handled properly by experts.

Obesity does not only occur because of the wrong diet or other things caused by food. Apparently, there are several other causes that can cause obesity. Some external factors also affect obesity that is owned by someone. Some of the factors in question are

1. Environmental factors
The environment is also one of the factors that can cause a person to be obese. A person who grows and develops in an environment that has the view that obesity is a symbol of prosperity, the person will want himself fatter so that the possibility of obesity is easier to occur, as long as there are no other factors or external factors that influence. Obese people will not experience psychological problems related to obesity if the environment has the view that fat is actually better.

2. Social factors
Social factors also affect the occurrence of obesity in a person. In developed countries, obesity is more often found and experienced by people with social classes with middle to lower economies, whereas in developing countries obesity is more often experienced by people who have social classes with upper-middle-class economies. This happens because the views between developing countries and developed countries are different. In developing countries, it is believed that obese people are prosperous and able to fulfill the nutrients needed so that obesity often occurs.

3. Gender factors
Gender is one of the causes of obesity. Women tend to be more obese than men. In medical matters, men have a higher metabolic rate than women. Men need more calories in their bodies so they don’t become fat and meat. While women who are not as much as men in need of calories make their calories accumulate into fat and meat so that the occurrence of obesity is easier.