These Are The Best Body Position When Playing Golf

Many people playing golf in their free time. They do that because they feel comfortable and happy when playing golf, especially when there does it with their family or best friends golf savers. Even, golf can be the sport that you can play with your co-workers. There is so many golf course in the world. One of them is bangkok golf. With the right golf course, you can feel happy and comfortable when playing that sport. Make sure you find the right one.


But, when you playing golf, make sure your body position is right and can make you feel comfortable when you hit that ball. These are the right body position that can make you feel comfortable, especially when hitting the ball.

Position the body slightly bent
After obtaining a strong enough footing, just back down enough so that the body position will be slightly bent. Position your legs straight and strong so that the posture address remains firm. Avoid leaning forward because it will make the position of the address unstable.

– slightly lunges
So that the position of the address is not too stiff and feels more natural, bend your knees just a little. Don’t bend your knees too much so that you change the strength of your legs when addressing. When in this posture, the right standing position in playing golf has been done perfectly.

– Hands straight down
The position of the hand hangs straight down and just below the chin when bending the knee. While the position of the shoulder is parallel to the big toe. This attitude is a balanced and athletic position so you are able to hit the ball correctly.

– Position the golf stick next to the ball
After finding the right and comfortable standing position, position the golf stick right next to the ball. Make sure the golf stick head is next to the ball with the stick face open. If you hold the golf stick correctly, the grip position will be in the inner left thigh or perpendicular to the left side of the ball.