These Are Some People Who Need A Visa

Visas are important documents that all people who will go abroad must have. Visa is one of the required documents besides a passport. You must have a valid visa in a country so you can visit or enter the country. one of the mandatory visa countries is England british life skills. You must have a visa if you go to England. For those of you who want to extend your visa, you must take the a2 english test before you get the visa.


The type of visa can certainly be owned based on who owns the visa. there are some people who need a visa. These are some people who need a visa.

– Officials who carry out diplomatic missions
Even though it will carry out diplomatic missions and objectives, an official appointed by a particular country to go to another country must pocket a visa in order to enter the other country. For example, central government officials in Indonesia, in addition to pocketing a diplomatic letter from the foreign ministry must also pocket a visa to be able to enter the country to be addressed.

– Someone who will work abroad
Workers, whether experts or all types of workers need a visa to be able to live and work abroad. Whatever the job is, either working in an IT office, working in oil, working as a sailor or being an artist or other. So as long as you are a foreign national in the country you are going to go to, you must have a visa to be able to live and work legally.

– Someone who will study abroad
If you are going to study abroad, you also need a visa to be able to study in your destination country. Either studying at school or going to college. Also includes lesson exchanges and summer short schools or Summer Schools.