The effective tips for maintaining iPhone batteries

The main problem that is often encountered by iPhone users is that the battery runs out quickly. There are many reasons why the battery power of Apple’s smartphone can be sucked quickly. One of them is “lifespan” or battery lifetime. In order for the iPhone battery to stay durable and not fast “aging”, there are a number of tricks to do. Next time we will discuss it for you. Apart from that, don’t forget to also check out the good-quality refurbished Apple iphone 7.

Use the original charger cable

Never use a non-original charger cable (not Apple’s output) when you want to charge your iPhone. This is known to shorten the life of your battery.

Charge the iPhone before the battery percentage is 20 percent

Do not charge your iPhone battery below 20 percent. It would be nice if you always charge the iPhone battery when the percentage shows the number 21-28 percent. That’s the right time for you to charge your iPhone battery.

If you fill your iPhone under 20 percent (or even charge when the battery is 5 percent down), it’s fine. But this (again) will affect the battery life of your iPhone. Aside from that, while you’re charging it, unplug it as soon as it reaches 100% battery power.

Calibrate the iPhone battery once a month

To maximize maintenance, you can calibrate your iPhone battery at least once a month. This will certainly make your iPhone’s battery life more durable. How to?

1. Use the iPhone until the battery is close to 5 percent and the battery runs out (in this case, there is no need to be afraid because the iPhone will be calibrated later). Then turn off cellular data and wait until the iPhone turns itself off.

2. Charge your iPhone and when it’s turned on, turn on the cellular data network. Wait until the battery percentage is up to 100 percent indicating the battery is full. But remember, don’t use the iPhone directly at that time.

3. After reaching 100 percent, do not unplug the charger. Leave for approximately 1 hour first.

4. Then unplug the charger and do a hard reset, after turning it on again turn on the cellular data network. Your iPhone battery has been calibrated.