The causes of lags on the smartphone games

Lags can be very disturbing when you are playing fun games and can even be the cause of your defeat. If this is the case, you might not be happy, you will feel upset and emotional. Not infrequently also until someone slammed their smartphone out of annoyance. Meanwhile, you might want to check out the excellent trade island hack apk as well.

You also have to know why your smartphone can be lagged. Here’s the review.

Causes of Lags on smartphones

1. Unadvanced Smartphone Specifications

Nowadays there are so many games that offer HD graphics. Of course, to play this game you must have a smartphone with a fairly high specification. If your smartphone is inadequate and you are still forced to play it, the effect that will occur is that there will be Lag symptoms and your game may be closed by itself, aka Force Close.

2. Many applications and games on smartphones

Another reason for the lag on your smartphone might be because many applications and games are installed. This can make RAM performance heavier and result in slow and lag when you play games.

3. Smartphone overheating

This one often happens when you play the smartphone for too long without enough pause. Smartphones that work continuously can also be tired and cause your smartphone’s performance to decline. Therefore, it is recommended that you play games with a reasonable time limit.

Setting the lower graphics quality can be one of the excellent ways of getting rid of a lagging game performance. Try to consider the type of game you play. Is it in the game settings, the graphics are installed High? Because it could be that the game that you play requires high smartphone specifications and it turns out that your smartphone specifications have not been able to meet the needs of the game. If so, try to lower the graphics quality to Low Quality.