The advantages of coins

Though its denominations are small, we should not underestimate coins. If you are a seller, I suggest never reject the buyer’s money only because of the coin. So also when giving change; never use candy instead of small money. Aside from being used as a currency, sometimes the coins are also being used as the custom challenge coins.

As the name implies, coins are made of metal. Metal types include aluminum, brass, and nickel. When compared with paper money raw material cotton, clear coins stronger.

In addition to strong, of course, coins are also more durable. If stored well, both paper money and metals may be equally long-term. However, if both are not treated, the result will be more durable coins. While paper money can be eaten termites, destroyed by age or even mushroom.

The excess of the next coin is not easily damaged even if the use is frequent and reckless (careless come with a dirty laundry or accidentally burned). Perhaps this is one of the reasons the government prints a small nominal with a coin, so it is not easy to break even though it is used every day.

Make buying and selling easier. Coins or coins have small denominations so as to facilitate payment if the price of goods. Remember, some countries do not have a nominal paper money that consists of the small amounts. The weight is heavier and goes off when it falls. For some people, maybe a small child or an elderly, the nature of a coin that weighs heavier and can sound when falling gives its own benefit. They are not easy to get rid of while taking them on the road.

It’s hard to forge and forgers will rethink if they’re going to fake a coin. Why If they intend to forge a coin, they prefer to forge ancient coins and be sold to collectors. This method is more profitable for the perpetrator.

Other advantages beyond the transaction tool function. True, coins we can use for other needs such as kerokan when entering the wind, rubbing hologram gifted voucher or a coin toss which determines in the game, media coin caring solidarity, featherweight, laptop cooling, and others.