The 3 useful tricks for making a spacious living room

A wise decision will create the space you need and change your room to be special and inviting. Here are some tips that can help you make the most of the most important space, namely: living room. Meanwhile, visit if you’re looking for the excellent decorative items for your home.

1. Unlimited space

In a limited living room, you can create a spacious space by opening doors or walls so that the adjacent rooms can blend together. The living room can consist of a combined living room, dining room and kitchen if you get rid of each dividing wall. Likewise, widening the door and opening it towards the ceiling will give the impression of being spacious and more open.

2. Take advantage of built-in furniture

Built-in furniture is a good investment idea as well as the right solution to suit the limited needs of the living room. You can adjust each furniture for your living room and add one or two other elements to maximize its use.

One example is a multifunctional storage area hidden under the built-in sofa. If buying furniture with a special model exceeds your budget, develop your creativity with a homemade drawer under the sofa or stick shelf on the wall. Place a wall-high shelf to create a vertical pattern. Higher shelf placement will help create a solid impression in the room.

3. Creative layout and lighting

If possible, try arranging furniture by making a separation between several functional zones. This tip will help determine different functions in one room; for example, placing a table behind the sofa to create a workspace, or arranging your chair and sofa in a way that separates the living room from the dining room

You can determine the layout by placing a different chandelier in each separate zone, for example in the living room zone, use a lamp close to the ceiling. Then, in the dining room next to it, use another model lamp that hangs right on the table.