Talking About Space, Some of The Movie’s Titles Are Worthy You Watch

Those of you who love movies must have a variety of movie genres you can watch and always see. However, from various genres, usually, rarely people who like the genre outer space. Now, to watch the various genres, you do not have to go to the movies and feel very troublesome. You just need to find Newest Movies HD APK Free Download to be able to enjoy all the movies you like, even from various genres.

For those of you who love movies with the genre of outer space, then some of the titles of this movie may be an option to watch at the end of the shoot.

– Gravity
The film tells the story of the struggle of an astronaut and a medical engineer who was stranded in space after a breakdown in their shuttle space. This film even gets best visual effects at the Academy Award in 2013 then. So no doubt, that this film is able to make the audience feel the fear if it is in outer space alone.

– Moon
This film has a setting in the future when the energy crisis on earth causes humans to mining fuel on the moon. Someone named Sam Bell is the only supervisor in the mine and has to be in charge for three years. When Sam suddenly gets sick, he often sees himself in the younger version. This hallucination might be caused by the monotonous routine he was working on alone without his friends there. This illustrates how horrible life without friends in space.

– Interstellar
Interstellar tells of the life of the earth in the uninhabited future. Then, a NASA physicist has a plan to move the entire population of the earth to a new place through the wormhole. Even the theory that existed in this movie could be a conversation in 2014 ago. Although considered quite complex, this film you can enjoy very well and able to play your emotions very nicely. No wonder, if many people like this movie.