Strict diet loss for the body

Strict diet is able to lose weight quickly, but it is only temporary. In addition, a strict diet is also not able to provide adequate nutrition for the body. You may feel relieved when successfully thin after a strict diet. However, it is only temporary and makes you tend to re-increase weight because of the metabolic system is chaotic because of the strict diet that you do. Strict diet makes the skin becomes wrinkled, dry, and dull. This is because strict diet forces you to leave nutritious foods that are important for skin health and beauty. What happens to muscles and tissues when you are on a strict diet? Their numbers are drastically reduced because of the body stores fat and burns muscles and tissues. This also causes fatigue and bone damage in your body. From now on start a healthy diet. Truvision weight loss will help you shape your body to the ideal!

Strict diet certainly makes you lack of nutrients, such as carbohydrates, calcium, minerals, and proteins that lead to a decrease in the immune system and result in you susceptible to disease. Another disadvantage of a strict diet for your body is the symptoms of eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia. Of course, both diseases are dangerous and very harmful to you. Do not rely on a strict diet as a solution to losing weight, because there is no benefit you can get from a strict type of diet. Reducing the food portion can drastically have a very harmful effect on the body, one of which is your body loses nutritional intake, nutritional vitamins, nutrients, carbohydrates, calcium, and minerals. This condition will not only cause you to lose weight but because your body lacks intake needs then it actually makes your body can not work optimally. Conditions like this are certainly very dangerous, but it can cause malfunction your body will be vulnerable to various diseases.

Lack of body intake is also very influential on the skin. One of the dangers that you certainly do not want to experience is the issue of premature aging. Burning process in the body is to burn fat into energy that will support your daily activities. In fact, if your diet is too tight, your body’s metabolic system will be disrupted even because the caloric needs are not met, the possibility of fat in the body will be stored as energy reserves while the muscles and tissues that will be burned.