Sign That Your iPhone Battery Need to be Replaced

All mobile digital devices have battery technology as the primary key, to support all electronic parts. As the period of the device increases, the batteries must have reduced the quality and also the life. This also applies to iPhone, iPad or Mac computers. Especially for the iPhone, must be felt because this phone always accompanies you in daily activities. If your phone is broken and you need cell phone repair, you can visit our website. What is the sign of a damaged iPhone battery and should you change immediately? Here are the notes you can see:

– Battery Faster Expired with Short Time

One of the symptoms that your battery starts to be damaged is the battery faster to run out. Take the example you used to use the iPhone from out the house at 7 am and have to charge the battery at 5 pm. If it turns out at 12 noon already shows the battery runs out, it’s a sign the battery is more extravagant. Surely this experiment is done with a pattern of use that tends to be the same.

– Battery Percentage Reduced or Increased Unnaturally

If you are using iOS 10 devices, please go to Settings – Battery – Battery Percentage – ON. This feature will display the battery usage percentage on iOS devices from the Status Bar at the top right. If you often see an unusual percentage drop, it could be one sign of battery damage. An example is the battery indicator shows 50%, then you use the iPhone to play games or other activities and suddenly go down at 30%. Then when deciding on a charge, the percentage of the battery will immediately jump to 50% again.

– iPhone Suddenly Die, Percentage Of Battery Still High

The iPhone’s battery sign has started to fail next is a sudden death when used, but the battery indicator is still quite a lot. This problem can occur due to a system error in the battery indicator or battery cell that has been unstable. Usually, this problem starts from the percentage position of the battery that has been slightly and continues to grow even until the condition is still 50% and make the iPhone die instantly. You can get your phone repaired or Samsung Galaxy screen repair on our website.