Room Temperature and Learning Concentration

Every individual in this world must always go through the process of learning, not just as a liability but also to train the brain in order to function as it should be. Have you experienced an obstacle in your study process, do not you? Well, the obstacles you have experienced during the learning process is one of them influenced by the temperature of the room where you do the learning process. Therefore, it would be better if you use the best wifi thermostat so you can adjust the room temperature appropriately. Well, more curious right? How can the temperature of the room have influence for concentration?

Consciously or unconsciously, the room temperature is very influential the same concentration of learning. I want to invite you to try to remember when your room is hot, I’m sure 95% of you will be preoccupied with fan, wiping sweat, etc. You have to know that the movement of the movement indirectly will distract your study concentration because your brain is preoccupied with “how to not overheating?”

Not only hot, if the temperature on your room is cold, I’m sure 90% of you will be preoccupied with how to make yourself warm up, like looking for a jacket or rubbing both palms hands, etc. For you who may be exposed to mild cold allergies, they often feel itching in the form of reddish bumps if exposed to the temperature that is too cold, because of the itchy, you are certainly busy scratching it. As with heat, your learning concentration is disrupted because your brain is preoccupied with finding ways to keep you from getting cold. Therefore, here are some ways out to handle that thing!

a. Determine comfortable room temperature
According to scientific, normal room temperature ranged between 20 – 25 degrees Celsius. It is recommended if you want to feel comfortable, the temperature is not less than 20 or not more than 20. It is because the temperature below 20 is too cold, while the temperature above 25 is too hot.

b. Reduce gestures that can interfere with concentration
If you are hot, it would be nice if you do not fan or do other motion. Why? in addition to disturbing the concentration of learning to do many movements can make you feel hotter.

c. Look for other alternatives
This way you can do if you are not in school. If you’ve started to overheat, maybe you can get out of your room and sit on the porch to get a cooler and more natural air, otherwise, let you not saturate studying in the room. If you’ve started to freeze, you just turn on the air conditioner in your room and open a little window of your room so you do not feel too hot in your room.