Relax Your Mind For A Moment With Humour, Fun and Entertainment

In life we ??continue to see funny events. We came across a show that does not make sense and still happens in life. This incident adds spice in life as we all need humour and jokes to live a happy life. A real life full of stress, We need some relaxing moments to enjoy it. It is said that art makes something extraordinary. In the same way, to ward off boredom in their lives people come with many items to entertain themselves. For example, entertainment forms such as drama, cinema, music and dance are born of the human desire to enjoy themselves. Comedy and humour are designed specifically for human entertainment. Artists and comedians give fun to people by making them laugh and have fun.

Comedy is a great element of entertainment. Can manifest itself in the form of drama, fiction, stand-up comedy or funny pictures. Comedy shows funny things from certain situations. Finding humour in ordinary situations is a great art in itself. Satir writers describe the situation funny or funny in words. A piece of satire can be thought the topic for the reader. The world has seen some great satirists like Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain and Rudyard Kipling. Large satyrs twist including Rudyard Kipling “Animal Farm” and “Gulliver, Travels” by Jonathan Swift.

Jokers in the circus provide funny moments of people and make them laugh. Their comedy types are largely situational. They create silly situations that make people laugh. Graphical description of funny things or the show is also very popular. People who attract funny things or situations are known as cartoonists. It takes a lot of creativity and hard work to be able to attract a good piece of the cartoon. When graphic artwork depicts a funny situation or person who came to be known as a cartoon. However, when a cute picture shows a cute male physical feature only then known as a caricature.