Recognize Some Symptoms Of A Broken Speaker

Many people prefer to listen to music using speakers because they consider the music they listen to will be more qualified and have a clearer voice. This can happen if they choose the right speaker. You can also get the right speakers by choosing the best from the best 4 channel car amp. With quality speakers, you can get quality music too.

There are a number of signs if the speaker that you have has begun to experience damage. Some of these signs must always be detected early so you can handle them as soon as possible. Below are some of the symptoms of the speaker that is starting to break down.

– Disconnect in the Spool section or the e-wire coils in the middle of the cone speaker circle.

– Scorch Burned because the current load is too strong, and usually accompanied by a scorch and burning on the windings

– Sember or hoarse sound and abnormal sound, this is usually caused by a current that is too large and causes the spool to shift or break but does not break up and can still make a sound

– Damaged Body Due to falling, or being pressured by heavy items on the speaker paper and causing it to become inelastic causes flexibility to be stuck, or also torn on the paper or speaker leaves, making the sound less than perfect.

To be more sure whether this speaker has been damaged you can find out how to know broken speakers or not in several ways, among others, by using a measuring instrument Avo Meter, the way is to position the scale on x1 on Avo meter then try to attach it to the connector pin Negative on the speaker with a black tester cable and the other one is the terminal pin plus or the red one on the speaker is connected to the red cable on the avo meter, so if the needle is stuck and up can be sure the roll is still good.