Recognize Some Stages of Herpes Disease

Herpes is indeed a disease caused by a virus called herpesviridae which must be avoided by everyone. The virus can indeed infect humans. This viral infection can be characterized by the appearance of blisters of skin and dry skin. To deal with this problem, it’s good for you to take the right supplements. One that you can consume is a supplement that contains L-Lysine.

For herpes disease itself, there are several steps that you must know in order to recognize it further. Some steps that you must recognize are

1. Primary stage
At this stage, it usually occurs on the second to eighth day after the infection of the virus. the symptoms that usually appear are blisters or blisters on a small size. The blister itself will usually contain clear or cloudy liquid and can rupture and cause open sores.

2. Latent stadium
At this stage, symptoms of herpes such as blisters caused by the above will subside. However, at this stage too, the virus is actually spreading to the nerves near the spine through the skin.

3. Decay stage
At this stage, the virus begins to multiply on the nerve endings of the body’s organs, if the infected nerve endings are located on organs that produce fluid, such as the testicles or vagina. At this stage, there are no visible symptoms, but actually, there is a proliferation of viruses in the body.

4. Recurrence Stadium
At this stage, the acoustic blister pad that occurs in the first stage can reappear. Usually, it’s not as bad as the previous blisters. however, the usual symptom that comes at this stage is itching, tingling, and pain in the area affected by infection in the first stage.

At some of the stages above, you can get to know the symptoms and stages of herpes so that you can handle them properly and do not take a long time to recognize the disease. Because the faster you handle it the better.