Quality content and social media strategy for domain authority

There are indeed many ways to increase the Domain Authority, but this time we will share the 2 most important and fundamental ways to increase your DA points. The ways we will present in order, simple and clear so you can more easily understand the ways and can also practice it immediately. In the meantime, don’t forget to always use the reliable paid domain, due to even the Cheap domain names can be a lot more effective than the free ones.

Create Quality Content

To create quality content, of course, you need to research in depth and comprehensive field will you want to discuss or wrestle with your website or blog. In addition, try to be more creative. You need to sharpen yourself to think out of the ordinary if necessary to make your content unique and certainly more interesting for visitors to read. You can also add a detailed information that other sites do not find on a topic you want to discuss to make your content superior to posts from other websites.

In addition, quality content also includes various types of multimedia. You can display supporting images and videos to help your readers better understand and visualize the topic being discussed.

Regarding market segmentation, this also becomes important if your ultimate goal is the financial success. Indeed this is still a debate among bloggers until now. However, if you tend to be pragmatic rather than idealistic, it is perfectly legitimate to create content based on the needs and merits of the marketplace. This has indeed been widely applied media sites or news, especially in this country. Sometimes they override the completeness of explanations in their articles on a topic and only load a lot of interesting images. In addition, there is also a sensational title for the sake of breaking their post ratings.

If you are confused about discussing what topic on your website, do not worry. In an earlier article, we have covered a variety of popular topics that are trending or potentially viral. You can read it to find inspiration for your post topics.

Strategy Through Social Media

Undeniably, social media can be your primary helper in raising your site’s Domain Authority. Take advantage of all your main social media to load your site’s address on your profile or share articles or pages from your site. This is easy because the average internet user interacts with their friends on social media, where they will more easily accept what you share because they already know you and want to interact with you almost every time.

For business people, to make a post that is also a product campaign, you can specify certain hours relevant to your post. For example, you want to share an article about food products. It would be more appropriate or effective of course if you distribute it at the time of daytime meal or eat at night. You can also use online tools that can help you create post scheduling on various social media that you manage:


The buffer provides a free version that allows you to do post scheduling of up to 10 post counts. If you need to do it more often and want more premium features, you can pay according to the tariff and be free to post as often as you want.


This one tool can also help you in scheduling posts, can also be used to monitor and analyze your social media performance. There is also an all-in-one feature that can integrate all the scheduling across all your social media types. For those of you who are building a small business, you will probably feel quite just with the free version of HootSuite. If you are in a large-scale business, you need to pay some money at the prevailing rate to enjoy advanced features.


With this online tool, you can do maintaining or scheduling posts in almost all popular social media that exist. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr, all these popular social sites can be easily organized via Socialoomph. This tool also has a URL-shortening feature that can shorten the URL of the post link you want to share.

For those of you who do not have many followers on social media, no need to worry. Because, by consistently sharing quality or unique content, of course, you will gain the trust of other social media users and they are certainly interested to follow you. There could be a free promotion by someone who finds your profile to other users.