Prevention and Protection towards Termites

When talking about termites, taking proactive steps in rooting termites at home and your business unit becomes crucial in order to protect your valuable structure and valuables. You can do that easily by using the service of a pest controller like the termite service in Ho Chi Minh City.

Preventing termites can be performed first in the pre-construction stage, which creates a chemical barrier in the construction area where the building will be established. The termiticide is applied before the foundation stands to prevent the damage that termites will cause. This method is also considered able to monitor and increase awareness of termite activity before the foundation in the wake. Provide further protection on the construction of the building against damage caused by termites.

Here are some other ways to prevent and evict termites at home:
– Fix pipe and leaking faucet. In addition, it is also important to keep the building structure dry so as not to provide a source of water for termites.
– Close all the gaps around the water pipe so that the termites do not go through this path for food.
– Remove all termite food sources, including unused wooden blocks, tree stumps or debris from your premises.
– Avoid using mulch or plastic sheet cover plants on the garden adjacent to your home.
– Remove all occurrences of tree branches that touch the structure of the house.
– Look for termite shelter tubes made by soil termite types from mud, dirt, and saliva to allow them to move underground over the soil surface for food.
– Do not rule out the findings of termite wings commonly found on window sills and floors.
– Note the appearance of fecal pellets which are dirt from dry wood termites after consuming wood.
– Know whether the wood in the house feels empty when knocked or there are cavities in the wood. You need to remember that termites eat from outside and inside the wood.