Pray For Healing And Be Patient

For those of us who are obedient to God, suffering because of sickness is an opportunity to draw closer to Him.
The more we get sick, the more serious we pray miracle healing prayers. The more serious we are in prayer, the more we believe that God will not change to us.

We have a future together with God, no matter how bad we are. We can see if there are many people whom God hears their prayers like in the miracle healing prayer.

They have miracles that many people do not have. Use your best opportunity for prayer requests to them.

Togetherness with God gives us happiness. Happiness is not expressed in a series of words.
Spiritual happiness overcomes pain. Even if God delays our healing, we will not despair because of eternal happiness, which is free of pain, has become our dream.
United with God in prayer is our longing. Healing or not recovering physically will no longer be a problem for us. We believe that God knows the best for us.
Accept the situation wholeheartedly without questioning the purpose of what we experience. This is spiritual or soul healing.

Spiritual healing affects all life. When we experience spiritual healing, we will no longer issue complaints and anger because of our pain.
Thus, our prayers when sick become sincere praise to God because it brings us into His presence.
Our suffering as a compliment to God will extend from us to the praise of many people.
More and more people will pray more diligently for our healing. More and more people hope for God’s power for us.
As a result, they are getting closer to God. They are increasingly faithful because they acknowledge His omnipotence.
Thus, our pain becomes a proclamation, that is bringing many people to God and relying on his life for Him.