Play Station Portable Simple Device For All Kind Of Entertainment

If you are looking at having a Sony PSP or you already have one, it is vital that you realise the true potential of this device. PSP is not just playing games, it also plays mp3s, movies, can surf the Internet, see your photos, and more. When the PSP was first introduced, there was a huge buzz surrounded by sleek gadgets. Looks like everyone wants to have a new PSP, and it feels like forever before Sony can produce enough to meet demand. It was immediately obvious that the PSP was more of a gaming console only.

To get the most out of your PSP, you will need to upgrade to firmware ver 2 if you have not already done so. Upgrading your PSP can be easily done online, and you will find easy to read instructions located in your PSP manual. A nice feature of the PSP is the ability to set the picture of your choice as the background of the PSP wallpaper. I want to choose a picture from my family, and landscape Show good photos on the screen as well. To set your own background, choose the wallpaper function located under the theme. Go to the photo folder and select the photos you will like, then as wallpaper.

PSP download sites are constantly radiating up the whole net and will help you make the most out of your PSP. This site offers different types of apps, games, movies, and other items that you can send back to your PSP to play with later. Some sites will also offer PSP Hack which will make your PSP do various things. One trick you can use will give you and your friends the ability to multiplayer gaming players even if there is only one UMD game disk between all players. To do this, first, start the game on the first PSP in ad hoc multiplayer mode and be sure to set the time limit for good. Take out UMD and if the message appears with “Do you want to exit?” Select “No.” Place the UMD disk on the front PSP and start another like a multiplayer game in the first step.