Pay attention to these 3 things before investing in BitCoin

The consistent BitCoin exchange rate continues to increase, making many people suddenly become rich. This fact could shock the world because of the emergence of new billionaires after the successful BitCoin investment. Meanwhile, you may visit the mamooti website if you need to buy or sell BitCoin.

Interestingly noted, the value of BitCoin in 2013 amounted to US $ 260 or much higher than the exchange rate in 2011 which is worth 30 cents. This value continues to increase afterward, so do not be surprised when many people suddenly rich.

An example is a 23-year-old student named Charlie Shrem. In 2013, he bought thousands of BitCoin and became a billionaire. Although it makes people jealous, is it safe to invest in BitCoin?

What do you need to pay attention to during your investment? Check out his review:

1. Pay attention to storage security issues

BitCoin-hosted storage is not one hundred percent safe. You will get a virtual wallet with a private key. Although it has been given protection, it becomes vulnerable because your virtual wallet is in the internet network.

What if the cybercriminals hack into your virtual wallet? The big case of a Bitcoin investment breakthrough that can be used as experience is a burglary in the United States. BoinCoin storage was hacked and caused millions of dollars in losses.

2. Be more aware of fluctuations in currency values

Although the value of BitCoin shows a positive signal with continuous improvement, did not rule out the value can fall at any time. Global issues greatly affect the value of BitCoin up to 50 percent!

If the negative issue blows, its value will decrease. Once back, if there is a positive issue then the value of BitCoin will increase.

3. Be careful of fraud

If you just follow-up and do not understand the ins and outs of BitCoin, you can be an easy target of fraud you know. Many irresponsible people see this condition as an opportunity.

An example is the existence of a party that claims to be a manager of BitCoin, but it turns out business is shady. If you become an investor who does not understand about BitCoin, it could be stuck in a case of fraud with this mode.