Original And Relevant Contents Are Important For SEO

If we talk about SEO it will be very much related to the quality and originality of the content. If we create a blog whose content is just copy-paste from another source, chances are that our blog will be subject to penalties. Do you not believe it? Then try copying the content on this blog and posting it on your blog, see the results in a few months, but please don’t do that. Meanwhile, you may check out the best SEO Company near your area if you want to hire experts who can boost your SEO result.

Then, what is the original content if the topic turns out to have been written by many other people. We can just write the same topic as the topic on other people’s blogs, but of course, we have our own language style, it doesn’t matter. Then what are quality articles? Blog content is usually in the form of articles, images, and videos, or it could be just one of them. As long as your content provides useful information and is liked by readers, the content is arguable of quality. We do not need to think too much about the number of words in article content, as long as the readers like it, it’s done. But we must remember, this is for blog content not microblogs like Twitter which only offers 140 characters for 1 content, so yes the number of words can be more (300 – 1000+ words)

Then, add the relevant picture or video. Like a garden without flowers that’s what happens if an article in a blog there is no picture or video. Images can indeed represent words, but pictures without words such as singing alone on a quiet night. So, articles and images should always be together in our content, even better if there are relevant videos. For pictures, don’t forget to give ALT tags (alternatives) to images with keywords that match the topics in the article. This aims to optimize the image in search results on search engines.