Is The Business Still Running Without Ads?

Is it wrong if a business doesn’t advertise the products? No, it all depends on the marketing strategy of each company. Then what about mlm? Does an MLM company that also has to market a product/service should not advertise? Yes, it turns out that an MLM company has a very minimal budget for promotional or advertising costs because of the importance of the intensity of personal service by its members.

In principle, MLM developed through word of mouth (WOM), the story from the mouth of the members to consumers and the public. Before telling a story of course they should try, consume or use the MLM product. That way he told me with great confidence and conviction. By relating one on one between MLM members and consumers it is expected that all questions in the mind of potential customers will be missed by members. Is it about the product, how to use, warranty, after-sales service, etc. Communication face to face will certainly minimize complaints on the product. First, understand the new product to buy. It doesn’t like the retail business in general which forces us to buy the product first, and then the complaint later because less understanding of how to use the product or content.

In addition to getting information and services from members directly, an MLM company today also has equipped itself with binary mlm script which makes the mlm member able to manage their work through the internet. Some mlm is also providing a call center that is ready to answer all questions of potential customers so that he really understands and satisfied.

Interestingly, there are MLM companies that create community users of their products, which hold positive activities such as health seminars (for health food consumption groups), family seminars, beauty demos (for cosmetics users), cooking demonstrations (for cookware users) etc. Even the activity can be followed for free if someone becomes a member.

From this kind of community, it is expected that consumers will not only benefit from products but also other benefits such as wider relationships or increasingly common knowledge. This becomes a relatively relative way of remembering the character of people who tend to prefer to gather.