How to Select Appropriate Hair Tool

Have a tool vise but still encounter obstacles when managing the hair as a result of less mature, takes a long time to organize, and hair look so dull? Apparently, this can be caused by a tool that you use less visible clothing with the hair condition. When wanting to buy a tool or other hairdressing tool, most of us may only pay attention to the final results that can be given from the tool vise. For example, we choose a tool for the round/curling iron for corrugated hair or straight / straightener for those who want to get straight hair. But to get maximum results, the hair is arranged well and also healthy, we need to consider other factors when choosing a tool that is not less important to avoid the problem of hair is certainly not desirable. Visit to see reviews of some hair straightener.

– Know Your Hair Condition

It’s the easiest thing and may look trivial, but it’s important to know. You can feel and feel the texture of hair owned. Is your hair texture smooth? Or rough? Because of different textures, different needs. Then if your hair ever through the process of coloring, bonding, smoothing or curling? If you do one of the above treatments and have not been matched with proper hair care and routine, your hair may be susceptible to damage. Therefore, when you choose a tool vise, you should select a tool that can be adapted to the condition of hair, so as not to damage the hair.

– Choose a Hair Straightener that Has Adjusted Temperature

This temperature setting is very important to adjust to the condition of your hair. Hair that is still “natural” with hair that has been colored, permed, or straightened to have its ideal temperature each in order to be well ordered. For those of you whose hair was once dyed, curled, or straightened, set the temperature of your tool or hairdresser at 160-170 degrees. As for the hair that never experienced the above treatment, you can use temperatures up to 200-220 degrees for fine texture, and 220 – 240 degrees for hair that is more coarse texture. By using the appropriate temperature, the hair becomes more manageable and stay healthy.