How to do a YouTube gaming live stream on Android

Maybe when we open YouTube and want to watch a video, we often see the Live Streaming session of a Youtuber playing games. Doing live streaming while playing games is indeed a very exciting thing for some people. Besides that, it can also be witnessed by many people because the shows occur live or directly.

Maybe most of us think that when we do live streams we have to use a PC / computer with a decent spec even though doing live streams is very easy, even now it can be done only on Android phones.

Although only relying on mobile phones but the results of the live stream that we do are not inferior to the results of the live stream from the PC. We can still produce live stream videos with the best results even if only with an Android phone and certainly do not have to do the rooting process to do so.

For those who are curious or fad want to try a live stream on YouTube and maybe want to become Youtuber only with Android capital can try the following ways.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

1. Download the YouTube Gaming application on Google Play.

2. Open the YouTube Gaming application, then tap PRESS START then tap again on the profile icon in the top right corner.

3. Tap the Login menu and enter your YouTube account then tap the arrow icon again.

4. Select the NEXT then on Settings STREAMING tap and also the next video format just select the game application you want to stream.

5. Then add the title and description for the live stream in the column provided. Don’t forget to enable Allow interesting applications above other applications, then there will be a pop-up, select ALLOW.

6. You will be taken to the game you want to play, to start streaming directly, you can directly tap the icon stream in the middle.

Thus, how to easily stream games to YouTube on Android, this official streaming application from Google / YouTube can also be used on iOS / iPhone users.