Hire Porsche Panamera in Luxury Car Rental London

Renting a car especially the luxury one can be a part to gain your driving experience. There’s numerous type of cars like Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari and many more that you can find in luxury car rental London. Porsche is one of the most favorite cars to drive. You can bring your family or your loved one anywhere driving away in luxury.

Are you interested to hire Porsche on your special day? Here are things you should know about Porsche Panamera features and details.

Porsche Panamera Features in Luxury Car Rental London

1. Engines

Porsche Panamera respectably can reach to 62mph in 6.0 seconds with its ability to cover ground. The Panamera is a big car which has offset heavy diesel engine as the negative effect. This favorite car in luxury car rental London provides acceleration demand with the gearbox that plugging into the torque band, and its crests and steamrollers.

2. Top Speed

Porshe Panamera has a top speed of 160mph which is adequate for all performance but deranged autobahn-stormer. Panamera will run most petrol engined GT cars in 750-mile ranges. It is also featured the 3.0-liter V6 with variable geometry turbochargers and common rail direct injection that will reach 300bhp.

3. Other Features

Panamera has standard 550Nm that available in an eight-speed Tiptronic S automatic gearbox system and 1,750rpm. The diesel model in Porsche Panamera only sends power to the rear wheels which are different from other models that can drive all four power. You will rarely be troubled for grip because of the traction control system of Porsche. This car also fitted with standard air suspension and steel sprung suspension that available as an option. You can rent this type of car in luxury car rental in London.

It seems Porsche Panamera is the right choice for you and your special day. Those are some features you need to know about Porsche Panamera in luxury car London before you rent it.