Here are some signs to getting a girlfriend

For men, getting the right lover may be a difficult thing to do. Because usually the personality and nature of someone they like are inversely proportional to their nature. So, many men finally asked how to get a girlfriend. Indeed there are several things that attract the attention of women from men around him.

However, have you ever realized that women around you like you secretly? In fact, there are some signs that they convey and you don’t realize they like you.

1. How to speak
How to speak a woman can be distinguished, whether he likes men secretly. Women who like men secretly speak in a higher tone of voice. This is because they feel happy when talking to the man.

2. Eye Gaze
You can feel and know women are in love with you or not from the way they look at your eyes. at first, women will feel embarrassed to stare, however, all that will go over time and become a meaningful stare. The pupil will enlarge when he sees you.

3. Hand movements
Women who like men secretly usually play reflexes with their hands like twisting their hair, holding their face or touching their lips with their fingers. When women do this movement, this is a sign that women are interested in and are trying to attract the attention of men with sensual charm.

4. Give more attention
Women are known as loving creatures. But if he gives more attention to men than friends and even parents, like he wants to know the daily life and circumstances of the man, whether he has eaten or not, then it can be concluded he secretly likes the man.

5. Imitate habits
Because they don’t know how to express their feelings, women who only like to secretly want to get men’s attention and express it by imitating habits. For example, he began to like the man’s favorite food or he began to listen to his favorite music band.