Exercise Technique to Raise Arm Muscles, Without Go to the Gym

Having a strong and muscular arm is the dream of many people. Strong arm muscles will allow you to perform daily activities, even simple ones, such as grabbing objects on a high shelf, carrying a grocer, holding a child, or transporting a basket of clothing. Behind a strong and muscular arm, it turns out our body involves the role of two muscles of the biceps and triceps. How to train it? You can use crazy bulk. What is that? Visit our website and find crazy bulk reviews.

What are the moves that can be done to train biceps and triceps?

– Close-Grip Chin-Up
This movement is done with a horizontal holding horizontal holding pose. The distance of right and left hand about 15 cm. Do hanging movements with your hands straight. Head straight ahead, then pull the hand up to lift the chin on the iron. Then straighten again like the initial pose.

– Dumbbell bicep curl
Hold the dumbbell in each hand. Straighten your hands down while holding a dumbbell. Next, bend your hands by lifting the dumbbell upwards. The upper hand position does not move, only the lower hand movements upward until the dumbbell is held equal to the shoulder. Then lower again slowly back to the original position.

– Tricep Dips
This movement does not require any tools except a chair. Sitting on a sturdy chair. Put both your palms on both sides of your waist and straighten your legs. Alu slowly bends your elbows to 90 degrees while lowering your body toward the floor, then again push the body upward by pushing your arm to lift the body back to its original position. If still not strong enough to do this movement, your feet may be bent to help sustain your weight.

– Close-Grip Push-Up
This movement is done without any tools. First, the initial attitude such as push-up but the difference between the distance between the right and left hand is not over the shoulder but in the shoulder. Head facing the floor and hold your stomach. Start grounding your body by bending your elbows. And stop when your arm is equal to the floor and then back to the starting position.