Early Costs of Buying a Home for the First Time

Buying a home for the first time may be a challenging activity. However, having enough cash and understanding the market and its procedures can facilitate the process. However, for convenience, just take advantage of professional property agent services that can help the security and comfort of your property sale and purchase transactions. There are many choices ranging from property agents to regional specialties who understand developments to price movements in their specialist areas, property agents specializing in apartments, and so on. Aside from that, perhaps you must see the excellent visi-jabon as well.

But there are some things to consider if you are going to buy a home for the first time, see the tips:

Financial Conditions – Understand Costs to Be Issued For:

Deposit. The developer will usually determine the amount of the deposit. But if you don’t buy from a developer, for example from the secondary market, property sellers can determine the amount of the deposit.

The developer will provide an order form for the unit in which the schedule for payment of the deposit and payment of down payment is listed. This schedule must be clearly written and approved by the seller and the buyer. This payment schedule is very important when you finance property with an installment program.

Down payment.

As mentioned above, you need to pay off the down payment if you want to buy property from the Developer. For properties purchased from the secondary market, banks will usually determine the down payment to be paid directly to the seller, the amount ranges from 20% -50%.

You should be careful when managing this down payment. First, make sure that your credit agreement is approved by the bank before you have paid the advance payment to the seller. This can be done by making a Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPJB) with the seller in front of the notary who says that you will only pay a down payment after the credit agreement is approved by the bank.

Installments. Ideally, the installments do not exceed one-third of your income (husband/wife/joint).

Notary fees for legally binding credit