Duster And Rattan Beater Are Effective For Carpet Cleaning

Duster can also be an alternative that you can choose when you don’t have a vacuum cleaner. You can get a duster in a shop around your home at a very affordable price. Indeed, there is no doubt that a duster is a tool specifically made to clean dust, whether it is found on sheets, glass, chairs, or even on carpets. In the meantime, if your carpet is damaged due to a pipe leakage, just call the recommended water damage restoration north shore.

The important thing is that you always clean using duster regularly at least twice a week, depending on what conditions are in your home. If your home is often made an activity which of course has to step on the carpet, then you have to clean it at least twice a day. But if the carpet in your home is not often used for activities, then you just need to clean it at least once a week.

In addition, you can try using a rattan beater. Have you ever seen housewives cleaning mattresses using rattan beaters? You need to know that rattan beater is not only used to clean dust on mattresses, pillows, or also bolsters, but you can also use this tool to clean the dust on your carpet.

The way you clean the carpet using a rattan beater is that you have to hang or hang your carpet first for a few hours or until it is exposed to the full sunlight. Then you have to hit it using a rattan beater just like when you clean the dust on the mattress, pillow, or also rolling.

Do this method at least 2 or up to 3 months, depending on how much dust sticks to your carpet. Just a suggestion that when you want to clean the carpet using a rattan beater or duster, you have to wear a mask.

Maybe you already understand the purpose of wearing a mask so that there is no dust entering your nose or your respiratory tract. If you do not pay attention to this, it is feared you can experience problems related to the respiratory tract.