Don’t Do a Fast Diet! Choose Healthy Diet!

Everyone wants an ideal body with an ideal body weight, of course. For some people who have abnormal or not ideal body weight, they will usually go on a diet. Diet is indeed an effective way to lose weight, but there are some people who do an unhealthy diet by taking dietary ingredients made from chemicals and not applying a healthy diet so that it can cause side effects such as pain. Apparently there is a natural and safe diet to do without side effects. How is a healthy diet? Visit our website to see 21 day flat belly fix review, so you can try it.


Indeed, we want to lose weight quickly and become slim, but changes in diet drastically especially not to eat at risk of health problems. In addition, unhealthy hard work also does not allow a change in healthy lifestyles in order to maintain the ideal body weight stability over a long period of time.

Then what is the recommended amount of weight reduction? Between half and one kilogram a week, the calculation is half a kilogram of fat = 3,500 calories so if you want to lose half a kilogram of body weight, it means that at least 500 calories should be burned in a day.

Rapid drastic weight loss that is not healthy causes some risk of health problems, after all such weight loss will not last long and will also quickly rise again. Here are some risks you can face:

Lack of nutrition
The body is easily tired and feels weak.
Muscle tissue is damaged due to an extreme diet that quickly does not burn fat, but body muscles.
Fast weight rises again.
Body disorders such as irregular periods, hair loss, constipation, etc.
Can be seriously affected by dehydration, gallstones, unbalanced electrolytes in the body, etc.